Retail Planner

A location analysis service

Retail Planner is a service for retail planners, economic development professionals, property consultants and retailers, providing comprehensive, up-to-date information for retail planning related decisions. This report provides data for three different types of expenditure: Comparison, Convenience and Leisure and combined with instructions on the accompanying briefing paper, future consumer expenditure by product type can be predicted.

Future retail spending levels have an important bearing on the need for and capacity of future shop space. Stakeholders in the planning process, such as local authorities, retailers, retail consultants and surveyors, need an understanding of how the amount of money spent on goods and services is likely to change in the future. 

Experian’s Retail Planner software and reports provide clear, comprehensive, up-to-date expenditure and demographic reports to inform retail planning-related decisions.

Retail Planner explains past retail trends, forecasts future spending on retail goods and leisure services and retail potential, and identifies changes in the efficiency of retail floor space. It provides a flexible way to analyse a particular area: 

  • choose either a Coarse or Fine level of retail category detail 
  • define your catchment by drive time and geographical area anywhere in the UK 
  • access information on non-retail spending, including estimated sales by wholly internet companies 
  • use your report to analyse past spend trends and forecast future expenditure on retail goods.

Four types of report are available, providing estimates of any local or zonal populations and retail expenditure: 
Expenditure report at coarse level: 
More than 30 comparison and convenience retail types. 
Expenditure report at fine level: 
More than 60 comparison, convenience and leisure retail types. 
Retail business turnover potential report: 
The proportion of retail expenditure in different types of store. 
Summary demographics: 
Population and Mosaic characteristics.

Access to Retail Planner

Create your own reports using eMarketer, our easy-to-use software that allows you online access to Retail Planner from any desktop location with internet access. Create catchment zones using a number of methodologies such as drive times, centric circles and postal sector/output area selections.

Alternatively, contact our dedicated telephone sales team on 0845 601 6011 to receive professional advice or bespoke reports within 24 hours.

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