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UK Macroeconomic Forecast

Our widely respected UK economic forecasts play a key role in informing future business strategies and operational decisions. The economic data and accompanying reports help you understand the impact future risks facing the UK economy will have on your business and quantify opportunities moving forward.

What do UK macroeconomic forecasts cover?

Our regularly updated macroeconomic data sets and analyses provide trends and forecasts covering all aspects of the UK economy including:

  • GDP and its components
  • Interest rates, drivers of credit markets and inflation
  • Public finances
  • Industrial sector employment and output
  • Demographics and labour markets

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- GDP and its components
- Interest rates, drivers of credit markets and inflation
- Public finances
- Household incomes and expenditures
- Industrial sector employment and output
- Demographic and labour markets


What does it cover?

Detailed monthly forecasts (data) with supporting qualitative reports to help you understand more about the UK economy.

Updates and alerts on key economic developments as they occur.

Forecasts published monthly.


How much does it cost?

The price for a one-off forecast is:

£1200 (including VAT)

What can you use them for?

Our clients use these forecasts to analyse existing and future trends in the UK economy and its component sectors in order to gain insight into the impacts these will have on their business decisions. For example, allowing them to design the right products and services for consumers at the right time.

These forecasts can be integrated with in-house data to provide invaluable insight across your business to measure and predict performance of sales and revenue growth, prices and capital values, default risks and financial losses. By identifying and understanding future risks, businesses are able to plan and mitigate for them, creating a more stable economy and market place.

Similarly, the forecasts help with the planning of resources and operational decisions. For example, helping local authorities and government to assess the resources and services required to best meet the future needs of their constituents.

Who are UK macroeconomic forecasts for?

UK macroeconomic forecast can be used by those working in areas including credit risk, marketing, strategy, operations and management, research, treasury, finance, regulation, compliance and global risk, as well as others.

The Experian economics team can act as an in-house economics resource for our clients and provide briefings up to board level.

What would you like to do next?

If you would like to discuss an annual subscription to this forecast please contact us.

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