Informing your strategy: UK Residential Housing Market forecasts

Residential Housing Market & House Prices Forecast

How will the fluctuations in the UK housing market affect the economic, financial and social life of the nation – and your business? Reliable, in-depth forecasting of the residential property market offers a real competitive advantage.

This economic forecast uses historical trends and forecasts to help you predict movements in the housing market and secured lending trends, so you can make stronger decisions about your organisation’s strategy moving forward.

What does Residential Housing Market & House Prices Forecast?

Our regularly updated data sets and analyses provide trends and forecasts covering all aspects of the UK residential housing market. A summary of the UK economy forecast sets the context for an in-depth analysis of the residential property market, including:

  • Property supply and demand
  • Housing market activity
  • House price forecast
  • Leading indicators from chartered surveyors and the construction industry
  • Housing policy and the impact of the various schemes available
  • Local area and regional house price forecasts
  • Rental market price movements

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- Property supply and demand
- Housing market activity
- House price forecast
- Housing policy and the impact of the various schemes available
- Local area and regional house price forecasts
- Rental market price movements


What does it cover?

Analysing future capitals values of unsecured lending portfolios as well as growth trends and future estimates – this quarterly forecast offers a national, regional and local level view, supported by a useful database, updates and alerts.

Forecasts published quarterly in January, April, July and October.


How much does it cost?

The price for a one-off forecast is:

£ 2400 (excluding VAT)

Our house price historical data set is constructed using a combination of the leading house-prices indices to provide a long and robust time series. The forecast model takes into account a range of economic factors including labour market conditions and incomes.

With the housing market and mortgage lending so heavily interlinked, our forecasts and data also look at secured lending credit conditions, considering the impact of forecast changes in Bank base rates on mortgage fixed and variable interest rates.

The FCA Mortgage Market Review, which came into force in April 2014, firmly focusses new lending decisions on the affordability of the borrower. Therefore, the data sets and report also examine how household finances and debt burden, in conjunction with house prices, might affect the trends in new mortgages being approved.

What can you use this forecast for?

The forecasts can be used across a wide range of areas, from informing future board level strategy to ‘indexing forward’ property values – for example, the likely value of a property at the end of a mortgage term and therefore the equity.

They give an early indication of future growth or decline in the housing market and as such form an invaluable input into resource and operational planning.

The forecasts can also be used for modelling, analysis and decision-making across areas including:

  • Setting better future strategy, whether you’re looking at macro-level decision-making, or local and regional budgets and targets
  • Stress testing your housing market portfolio or mortgage books
  • Providing market context for management information and board-level reports
  • Understanding the impact that government policy changes could have on the housing market, for you and your business
  • Informing individual property valuations by estate agents or as useful context in real estate sales brochures
  • Predicting demand for housing within specific areas and the type of housing likely to be needed, allowing developers and local government to plan new housing construction

What would you like to do next?

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