Understand the impact of the economy on the consumer credit market

UK Consumer Credit Forecast

Organisations involved in lending to consumers will get an understanding of future trends in UK lending with our forecasts. As well as looking at the effect of the economy on household finances, the reports highlight growth opportunities for lenders looking to expand their credit books or move into new areas.

What does UK Consumer Credit Forecasts cover?

The forecast provides an in-depth understanding of current and future changes in the consumer credit markets, both mortgages and unsecured credit. It considers the economic trends which influence the demand for and supply of new credit, including:

  • Bank of England base rates
  • Consumer spending and confidence
  • Labour market and employment rates
  • House prices and market activity

The focus is particularly on the future impact of consumer affordability on new lending levels, for example:

  • Household finances – incomes and expenditures
  • Outstanding debt as a percentage of household incomes
  • Monthly payments on credit to net monthly income ratios
  • House price to income ratios
  • Interest rates forecast

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- Bank of England base rates
- Consumer spending
- House prices and activity
- Household finances & labour market
- Debt to income ratios
- House price to income ratios
- Demand for credit and new lending
- Retail interest rates, total outstanding write-off rates


What does it cover?

A comprehensive quarterly report containing trends across secured and unsecured lending. The report is complemented by an adjoining database containing historical and forecast data, updates & alerts on key economic developments.

Published quarterly February, May, August and November.


How much does it cost?

The price for a one-off forecast is:

£ 2400 (excluding VAT)

Through the combination of historical lending trends and macro-economic forecasts, our consumer credit data sets and reports predict the levels of demand and new lending for secured credit (mortgages) and unsecured credit (credit cards and other unsecured).

They also explore future changes in retail interest rates, total outstandings and write-off rates.

What can you use this forecast for?

All businesses that offer credit to consumers need in-depth, reliable and trusted forecasting to provide early notice of changes in the economy and their impact upon household finances and affordability. This information is essential if you want a full, forward-looking view of changing patterns of borrower behaviour on existing credit commitments and demand for new credit.

Our forecast allows those who provide credit to design their products to meet future consumer needs and regulatory requirements, ensuring the right lending is made available to the right borrower at the right time.

As a general tracker of credit market conditions, the report also helps you stay up to date on key developments in the credit markets as well as giving an understanding of what’s driving these trends.

Growth opportunities available to lenders are also highlighted, increasing the range of credit products available to consumers.

By mitigating future risks in your credit portfolio, you can improve your portfolio performance and contribute towards a stable economy.

What would you like to do next?

If you would like to discuss an annual subscription to this forecast please contact us.

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