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Construction Industry Regional Foresight

Understand the construction market and the economic drivers in your region that affect different sectors, including public and private housing, infrastructure and non-residential building.

What does the Construction Industry Regional Foresight report cover?

Each regional foresight report considers UK macro-economic trends and construction statistics. It then studies the particular economic conditions and forecasts for the region looking at:

  • House prices
  • Household incomes, consumption and expenditures
  • Industrial sector output
  • Demographics and labour markets

It then goes on to examine construction output and orders for the region, breaking them down into these sub-sectors:

  • Private housing
  • Social housing
  • Infrastructure (public and private)
  • Public non-residential
  • Private commercial and industrial premises
  • Repair and maintenance

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Economic Indicators

- House prices
- Household finances
- Industrial sector output
- Demographics and labour markets
- Construction output and orders for the region across sectors


What does it cover?

Bi-annual forecasts (in written report format) for construction activity by sector for each of the nine English regions and three devolved nations.

Forecasts published bi-annually in the spring and autumn.


How much does it cost?

The price for a single regional forecast is:


What can you use Construction Industry Regional Foresight for?

This construction forecast helps business development professionals in the construction industry itself with strategic planning. It does this by providing analysis of both the potential performance of the industry over a three-year horizon, and the drivers of this performance.

Equally, those providing goods and services to the construction industry and who use the industry’s services – including developers, suppliers and those involved in transport infrastructure – will find the forecasts valuable in gauging the impact that trends in construction are likely to have on their revenues and costs.

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