What is mobile validation?

More effective marketing and service communications

With 94% of UK adults owning a mobile phone in the UK - phone calls are still the most efficient way to get a quick response from your customers.

By validating your mobile data with us, either in bulk or at the point of capture, you can be sure that the numbers you're collecting are valid, live and exist on a supplier network. You can then be confident that your phone calls and SMS messages are being read by their target audience.

Watch the video on the right or view the technical information to see how mobile validation helps you to drive value from your business's most important asset - your data.



How you could benefit from mobile validation



Reduce costs, time and resources wasted on sending to invalid mobile numbers


Efficient communication

Connect with real customers for fast and efficient communications


Customer satisfaction

Improve retention and repeat order rates by keeping users informed

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What are the options?


Real-time mobile validation
Instantly validate customer mobile numbers in real-time as it enters your website.


Bulk mobile cleansing
Check the accuracy of mobile numbers in your existing customer database.