Personal Reference Checks

A personal reference check from Experian gives you an idea of a candidate’s character, reliability and capabilities, supplied directly from the sort of individuals who know your candidate best. A personal reference check can give you information that simply cannot be contained on a CV or application, and can make all the difference in the crucial final stages of the recruitment process.

No matter how much detail a candidate provides about their employment and educational history, and no matter how accurate their applications are, the fact remains that you are employing the person, not the paper. Even meeting a candidate in person is only reliable to a point. A candidate’s behaviour during an interview might be worlds apart from their everyday personality.

What's the process?

A personal reference is supplied directly by someone who knows the candidate and can vouch for their character and abilities. For example, this could be a former employer, a university tutor, or a friend. Experian will confirm with the referee exactly how long they have known the candidate, their relationship and whether they have any cause to doubt their honesty and integrity.

Turnaround time

Our five step chase cycle helps to ensure that you will receive the references you require in no more than 10 days. Some employers cannot spare the resources to chase references so extensively. Outsourcing pre employment screening to a third party is therefore an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Our personal reference check reports are clear and concise, so you can quickly make important recruitment decisions without the need to search through pages of complex data.


Personal Reference sample report