Occupational History Checks

Experian Occupational History Checks aim to give you a full and detailed picture of a candidate’s past, across a time period of your choosing. These checks can uncover details that are not necessarily provided by our other background checking services.

About the checks

After verifying a candidate’s identity, Experian background checking can validate their employment, educational and financial histories, giving you all the information you need to make those crucial recruitment decisions. However, it’s common for candidates and employees to have gaps in their CV. Our occupational history checks are designed to help fill in these gaps, giving you assurance and certainty that at no point was the candidate engaged in any activities that could cause a conflict of interest, or jeopardise your business’s integrity, security and reputation.

Experian Occupational History Checks can source references from job centres to cover any periods of unemployment. We can obtain references from accountants and check tax returns to cover periods of self-employment. We can cover periods of secondary, higher and post-graduate education, and provide full details of jobs, addresses and other activities to cover however many years you require.

Because we have direct access to data sources, our occupational history checks have a fast UK turnaround time. They are concise and accessible, designed to help you make recruitment decisions with confidence.