Healthcare and medical professionals work directly with some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Experian offer a range of rigorous healthcare background checks that are vital for screening those employed in this sector. Our tailored offerings allow you to alter the checks you need based on the job you are recruiting for, which could include the following: administrative staff, cleaning staff, doctors, nurses, porters, practitioners, researchers, and technologists.

It is imperative for your patients and visitors to know that they are in safe hands with a qualified and reliable specialist. There are many benefits of completing background checks for healthcare professionals, including eliminating unsuitable candidates at the earliest stage and screening out individuals that are barred from working with children and vulnerable adults. Most importantly, you need to be able to reduce the risk your patients and visitors are exposed to by ensuring your healthcare specialists have the correct credentials and qualifications to be treating them.

As jobs in healthcare are attracting more international workers, overseas criminal record checks are becoming increasingly essential. Experian are able to provide criminal record checks from most countries for foreign nationals working in sensitive environments.