Enhanced Criminal Record Checks

Though they are required for numerous roles, it is still possible for candidates to avoid an Enhanced DBS Check through providing false or misleading information in an application. For that reason, you could carry out an Experian Identity Check before undertaking any Criminal Record Checks.

What does an Enhanced DBS Check tell you?

Enhanced DBS Checks are complete criminal history checks, and are a mandatory screening process for positions involving work with children and vulnerable adults, to ensure that anyone who presents a known risk to vulnerable groups is prevented from working with them.

In addition to the information included in the Standard Check, an Enhanced DBS Check includes a consultation of the new lists of individuals considered unsuitable to work with children and vulnerable adults. The police will also check for any additional information held in their files that might be relevant to the position being applied for. It is then up to the police to decide what extra information is added to the report.

Who is eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check?

Not every position is eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check. Any role that involves regular contact with vulnerable groups will require an Enhanced Criminal Record Check. A detailed guide to the eligible roles can be found here.


Enhanced DBS sample report

Turnaround time

Enhanced Criminal Record Checks are sourced from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and have an average UK turnaround time of around three to six weeks, but the process might be subjected to seasonal delays.