Employment Reference Checks

Experian Employment Reference Checks validate a candidate’s employment history, confirming the position held, key responsibilities, the dates of employment and any additional training or qualifications received.

About the checks

Experian Employment Checks are an invaluable part of the candidate screening process. We can source references from both private businesses and employment agencies. We can also obtain references for the self-employed, with or without an accountant. Our employment reference checks can be processed in as little as five days, but most have a UK turnaround time of around 10-15 days. Our five stage chase cycle helps to guarantee results, and our global service allows us to run employment checks across the world and in many different languages.

We believe that employment checks should be considered a necessary part of any recruitment process. However, some businesses are reluctant to carry out such checks, because of the time and resource involved in chasing references. Outsourcing background checks to a third party is an efficient and cost-effective practice, as putting the responsibility in our hands allows your staff to focus on other tasks.

Experian Employment Checks are designed to be as accessible and concise as possible, taking the guesswork out of your crucial recruitment decisions.