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Analytical services

Analysing Big Data for marketing ROI

Big data is the raw material of modern marketing, but it is a combination of analytics, consultancy and actionable insight that delivers the final product — customer understanding, the ability to target and acquire new consumers effectively and retain and grow existing customers. In today’s aggressive business environment where customer engagement is hard-won, complete analysis of your big data is a competitive advantage.

Experian can provide the consistent, multi-channel insight that you need to break down internal data silos and gain real understanding of your customers’ on and offline identities. With extensive data sources in the UK, deep proprietary segmentation capabilities and leading technology solutions, our consumer analytics and consultancy teams define, target and engage your customers across all marketing touch points:

  • direct mail
  • call centres
  • websites
  • digital display advertising — working with Microsoft and Yahoo!
  • email
  • mobile
  • social media — including Facebook and Twitter

Experian stands out with its depth and breadth of consumer cross-channel analytics, consultancy and practical insight, which delivers:

  • Definition: collect, link and make sense of your and other data sources.
  • Application: develop and test new strategies, use technologies to implement informed approaches and deliver consistent reporting in real-time.
  • Cross-channel analysis and reach: harness and combine insight across all channels for national and localised markets, combined with accurate measurement for ongoing improvement.

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