Small Business

Seven ways to control costs

Posted on Jul 23 2015 by

1. Plan out an effective budget When creating a budget, make sure that it’s flexible and not something you produce at the beginning of the year to not to be referred to again. A dynamic budget reviewed regularly can help you to react to ever-changing market climates. It’ll let you know when it’s time to […]

Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) to be made permanent

Posted on Jul 23 2015 by

In light of the recent budget, the Government has announced that the Office of Tax Simplification will be established on a permanent basis with an expanded role and capacity. They’ll be put on a statutory footing in the 2016 Finance Bill providing independent advice to the Government on how to deliver a simpler tax system. […]

How will the Summer Budget 2015 affect your business

Posted on Jul 23 2015 by

The Chancellor of the Exchange, George Osborne, announced that the rate of corporation tax would fall to 19 per cent in 2017 and 18 per cent in 2020, the lowest in the G20. For start-ups and many UK small firms, this is unlikely to have a big impact. Employment costs The Chancellor announced a 50 […]

Why safeguarding against a data breach is worth every penny

Posted on Jun 16 2015 by

Despite dramatic rises in the number of data breaches, most businesses think they are protected but as it turns out many are not, with one in three (34%) without even a data breach response plan in place.

Be more confident when applying for business credit

Posted on May 12 2015 by

Would you like to know your chances of being accepted for a business loan, before you apply? Checking your business credit profile before you make your application, enables you to see if there are any reasons why your application may not be accepted. You’re able to determine that your report is correct, up-to-date, and is […]

Does your customer database need an overhaul?

Posted on May 01 2015 by

Every business that deals in B2B marketing needs a database of customer and prospective customer details. If your database is managed regularly and correctly, then life can be a lot simpler for you and your business. Excellent business data can give you the competitive edge that businesses need to get noticed. Often a company’s database […]

Find out why you might have a poor business credit score

Posted on Mar 30 2015 by

There is no universal cut off between your company having a good business credit score and a bad business credit score, but you are generally seen as having bad credit if your score is below 50. Trying to expand any business takes investment. But knowing where to turn to get the cash to invest can be difficult, especially […]

Why it’s important to separate your business credit from personal credit

Posted on Mar 30 2015 by

Did you know that 56%* of company owners have used their own money to support their business, with the average amount invested being £22,700? It’s certainly true that many small business owners use personal credit to run their business. However, if you are a sole proprietor, your personal credit and your business credit are closely linked in […]

10 Steps to improve your business credit score

Posted on Mar 30 2015 by

  Credit scoring is vital to the growth of any business – from winning new contracts, to securing additional borrowing, to getting better deals from suppliers. And there is no time like the present to check your own business’s rating and take these ten simple steps to improve it, if required: Find out your business […]

How do I get my business credit report?

Posted on Mar 30 2015 by

You can check your business credit report through subscribing to Experian My Business Profile. Through My Business Profile, you get full visibility of your business credit report, which includes previous search details, credit account and business information. Why should I check my business credit report through Experian? The integrity of Experian data is highly regarded […]