Using consumer insight to drive ROI

Maximising campaign effectiveness

 Give response rates a 20% uplift and increase order value by 15%

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Are you looking to improve customer retention and grow your customer base through more relevant and value based interactions?

We help you to understand customer lifetime value, so you can drive differentiated strategies and tactics based upon robust value measures.

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  • Reduce customer churn
  • Re-activate valuable customers
  • Grow existing customer relationships

What we do

Customer Lifetime Value and RFV help you to identify customer lifetime value through the development of models and segmentations.

How we do it

Experian will utilise your data, potentially combined with our own industry leading data and apply our analytical expertise. We will work with you to implement the solution and to test and monitor success.

Why Experian

Experian will combine our analytical and data expertise with your transactional data to derive proven value generating analysis.

If you'd like to learn more about CLTV and RFV, click here to contact us today »

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