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Integrating social media into the marketing mix

Integrating social media

Find out how one of our clients used the Alchemy Social ad manager tool to target its Facebook advertising more precisely than ever to individual customers

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Addressable TV Advertising

TV advertising has the ability to share your marketing messages with millions in moments, but what if your brand only engages with a fraction of the audience? The challenge is to place your customers at the heart of campaigns and unite TV’s mass reach with engagement that’s targeted at the individual.

Experian’s Addressable TV Advertising makes this happen so that you target and engage with precisely the right people at precisely the right time — multiplying returns on your significant marketing investment.

Engage people, not programmes

Advertising to date has largely been based on the shows being aired, with assumptions made as to the likely makeup of audiences. Harnessing set top box and on-demand TV technologies, Addressable TV Advertising uses a wealth of consumer insight to remove the guesswork and turn a faceless audience into richly detailed individuals.

Where your TV advertising schedules were once based on programmes, they’re now focused on people. Today, two neighbours who sit down to watch the same programme on their set top boxes receive completely different advertising, with content dictated by their lifestyles and your products.

Using subscribers’ contacts, such as email addresses, you understand audiences and advertising is shown to customers who are likely to be interested in, and able to buy, your products. We combine a wide range of insight, including:

Find out how you transform advertising strategies and customers’ viewing experiences with Addressable Advertising.

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