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How can Goad retail data help you?

Goad’s up-to-date retail information will present you with an accurate picture of your region's key retail performance indicators; supplying you with a robust evidence base from which to draw your own conclusions regarding your future retail planning and economic development needs.

Goad data is the essential ingredient to help you gather the necessary information as advised in Local Government planning guidelines. This data will provide you with an accurate understanding of the past and present retail composition of your retail centres, which in turn: 

Provides you with a better understanding of the patterns of retailing in all your major, district, local and neighbourhood shopping areas

Presents you with accurate analysis of the hierarchy of your town centres, retail frontages and retail activities 

Helps guide your planning decisions on the amount and location of future retail floor space in your Borough, District or County

If you are following the town centre guidance contained in Planning Policy Statement 6 (PPS6), then you need to know that many local authorities are using Experian’s Goad data to plan the retail element of their town centres. They are doing this by fully exploiting their Goad retail plans within their Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Don’t know what a Goad plan is or what GIS technology can offer you?

A Goad plan provides you with a bird’s eye view of your District's main shopping areas and occupiers. Each plan is regularly surveyed onsite by Experian's expert team of retail surveyors and contains specific key performance indicators that give you a clearer picture of the retail make-up of your town centres.

Fully exploiting Goad plans in GIS formats such as MapInfo and ArcGIS makes it easy for you to map, query, extract and analyse the key retail information in your administrative area that includes current details of your town centres’ commercial residents plus their occupancy status, floor space figures and use class order. 

This affords you some key features and benefits:

  • Goad do all the survey work for you by preparing an accurate retail evidence base within each of your Town Centres
  • Goad data can underpin your Local Development Framework policies and support your Annual Monitoring Reports
  • Trends in your key retail evidence, such as vacancy rates, can be analysed over a given period of time
  • Clearer communications regarding the retail data needed by your various Council departments
  • Goad plans can be appended with associated data, for example, licensed premises hours of busines

Receive regular survey updates of the retail information in your Town Centres

Goad reports and data

Goad reports and data provide you with a snap-shot of the retail status or demographic make-up of your town centres and depending upon which type of report you buy, they will provide you with a focus on catchment, retail mix, forecasting consumer expenditure or benchmarking a number of different town centres against your own.

Please see Goad reports for more details

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