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A Goad plan provides you with a detailed map of a shopping centre or retail park. Each plan is a birds-eye view of a retail area showing the individual retail units with their fascia name, retail category, floor space and exact location. Key location factors such as pedestrian zones, road crossings, bus stops and car parks are also feature.

There are approximately 3,000 Goad plans for the UK and Ireland available in paper or digital formats (PDF, Shape-file and Ascii.) The latter two digital options are used under license and compatible with Esri’s ArcGIS 4 Schools and The Advisory Unit’s AEGIS educational software to help teachers use computers more effectively and is the only educational outlet for these plans. In addition historical Goad plans and Goad Outline plans are available. These are standard blank Goad plans (without Retail text) which, when used together as part of field trip exercises, allow students to complete their own Land use survey and compare Retail and urban change over a period of time.

Another type of resource that visualises the socio–demographics of the UK are available - Mosaic Maps. Mosaic is Experian’s most comprehensive Consumer classification system that segments the Consumer population into 15 Groups and 66 types. These segments can be geographically plotted at postcode level to provide a clear picture of who consumers are and where they reside, ideal for understanding the Consumer population anywhere in the UK.

Goad plans and Mosaic Maps can be bought through Goad Direct by calling 0845 601 6011 or emailing Goad. (Business hours are 09h00-17h15 Monday to Thursday and 09h00-16h15 Friday)

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