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Getting started with B2B Prospector

If you would like more information on our list building service, or need help with building your contact database list, please contact one of our dedicated team on 0870 012 1111.

Alternatively you can e-mail us and one of the Experian B2B Prospector team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

How to register and login

How to build and buy a marketing list

Saving and retrieving selections

Data suppression and appending

Viewing order history and managing your account

How it works

  • You choose your ideal business’s from a selection of criteria related to your best customers profile.
  • You preview your business list to check the results. Costs are displayed so you can choose to buy the full list or part of the list.
  • You attract new customers by simply selecting the contact details you want and start marketing.

Why it works

  • New audiences - you can search over 5.1 million UK business’s to find new audiences to advertise your services.
  • Targeted reach - with 150 different selection criteria you can find your ideal customers and even target by decision maker.
  • Measurable value - immediate downloads of business lists and no minimum order so you can quickly get return from new revenue.

Success stories

“We got cheaper quotation from an alternative provider but came back to Experian within 6 months, buying the database we should have bought first time round. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Experian on both the quality and accuracy of their data.” Andy C, UK Special Risks LTD

“Thanks to the quality of Experian’s data, the whole exercise proved to be an investment rather than a cost. We recouped the money we spent many, many times over.” Jayne Grove - JustMust Perennials

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