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"Experian’s eligibility system has enabled the Trust to identify 125% more ineligible patients.  The savings to the NHS are expected to be in the region of £3 - £4 million, £200,000 of which is from increased DNAs alone. This has improved our debt position by decreasing the average invoice value and debtor days as ineligible patients are identified before treatment”.   
Norman McLean, Deputy Director of Finance, Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

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Service eligibility

Apply a fair and consistent approach to service eligibility

Our data and insight can help public sector organisations to fairly and consistently assess who is entitled to particular public services. For example, who should or should not receive NHS care free of charge.

Assessing eligibility for government services can be a complex, time consuming and costly process which is often inconsistent and subjective. Although challenging, assessing eligibility is necessary to ensure that tax-payers money is spent on the people who should be receiving the services. 

Experian has developed an innovative approach which provides an evidence base for organisations to assess eligibility in a consistent and objective manner - in a way that ensures that people who are eligible are fast-tracked through the system with minimum intervention.

Deliver cost savings

With the current pressure on budgets, it is vital that a fair and consistent eligibility assessment is carried out for all relevant government services.

Organisations are under increasing pressure to identify individuals who are eligible for particular services in a timely and accurate manner to ensure fairness. For example, access to free health care, benefits or housing.

To deliver cost savings, individuals who are not eligible but enter the system either through lack of awareness or deliberate intention, need to be identified quickly and prioritised based on an understanding of the likelihood of the individual not to be eligible. 

In the past, assessing eligibility for services has been a complex, time consuming and costly process which has often been ad-hoc and subjective. Experian supports organisations to understand the circumstances of all individuals to be able to make an evidence-based decision in a timely and consistent manner. 

Experian’s eligibility solutions have been deployed across a range of government services and have a proven track record.  One area with particular challenges around assessing eligibility is the NHS.  Identifying patients that aren’t eligible for free NHS planned treatment can be a timely and costly process which is often inconsistent and subjective.  Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust has partnered with Experian to proactively identify ineligible patients before treatment using a consistent, objective and cost-effective system.  

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