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Customer insight

Experian helps organisations in the public and private sector make smarter choices through actionable insights.

Your citizens – or customers – expect you to connect with them the way they engage with the private sector. The growth of digital channels, provides opportunities for the public sector to radically alter the way it engages with citizens and communities. We can help you to understand channel preferences to help you communicate more effectively. Understanding what the most appropriate channels will not only save you money – for example, more and more people want to be able to contact you online not face-to-face -  but will make your communications and campaigns more effective.  We help you to place your citizens at the heart of everything you do.

We can help you with:

  • Segmentation: Experian Mosaic insight delivers depth and breadth of understanding to identify target audiences, how they live, behave and spend their money across channels. Learn more about Mosaic
  • Analytics: Understand how citizens engage with you and your other organisations online — to refine both on and offline communications — ensuring citizens find you and your services in the most effective ways.
  • Mobile Intelligence: As mobile assumes ever greater importance, understand the different ways in which citizens interact with the channel to optimise marketing approaches and drive sales.
  • Location analyse and model geographic data to open up a wealth of insight for new cross-channel engagement opportunities. Also understand which locations are best to provide services, such as community hubs or GP surgeries, to focus investment on those places that deliver maximum ROI.

Our understanding of traditional as well as digital media along with the proximity of consumers to locations means that we can help you identify the right mix of channels to deliver cost-effective communication to maximise response.

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