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Police and Public Safety Services

As the impact of public sector cuts begins to be felt, the pressure on police forces, fire and rescue services, and road safety organisations to deliver efficiencies without negatively effecting frontline services has never been greater. Experian provides data and insight to all police forces across the UK, and many other public safety organisations, to support policy and operational decisions. Our unique ability to understand circumstances, locations, likely needs and preferences delivers three outcomes to help organisations make better decisions.

By understanding localised opinions - gathered and analysed on a daily basis – we can facilitate a seamless understanding of, and response to, public views. This capability will be of increasing importance following the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in November.

Crime Reduction

We use our unrivalled access to over 750 data sources to informing proactive interventions, react to crime when it happens. We help police make quicker and better informed decision to tackle crime.

Save money and drive efficiencies

We apply our insight of local communities to ensure services are provided through the right channel, and are in the best place to serve the local area. Our data and analytics can create cashable savings.

Citizen focused policing

We understand behaviour at a household level enabling us to empower citizens to interact with police more easily. This can improve a victim’s experience, increase public opinion and reduce the fear of crime.

Crime Commissioners services

Our insight in to localised opinion and behaviour will help Commissioners to understand their communities, and how best to interact with them, to enhance perception of a local area and tackle local police issues.

Fire and Road Safety

Our insight of local communities ensures services are provided through the right channel, and are in the best place to serve the local area. We help organisations make better informed decision to tackle fire risk. In partnership with MAST, we apply mapping and insight to analyse and detect risk to improve road safety.

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