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Local Government services

As the impact of public sector cuts continues to be felt, the pressure on local government to deliver efficiencies, without negatively effecting frontline services, has never been greater. 

Offering a wide range of services, we help local government address challenges – from strategic planning to the day-to-day delivery of public services. Drawing on our unique economic, business and citizen data, we provide data and insight to the majority of local authorities across the UK to support policy and operational decisions. 

Reduce Fraud

We are able to prevent and detect fraud and error through the intelligent use of data.  We can help tackle single person, empty property, social housing and housing benefit fraud.

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Increase collections

We help local authorities to prioritise their debt portfolio.  Typically, clients using our services have seen: 20% increase in recoveries, 70% productivity gain and 15% less bad debt.

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Improve data quality

We help government improve data quality to achieve a singe view of the citizen, enabling them to deliver and engage with people and businesses to provide optimum services.

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Enable self service

By understanding the complex needs of citizens and how they prefer to interact with government, we can help authorities develop a ‘best fit’ channel shift solution for their local population.

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Create sustainable growth

Our strategic insight enables a complete understanding of economic and social challenges.  We can develop a sustainable strategy to help business growth and decrease worklessness.

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Deliver Intelligent procurement

Our deep understanding of over 5 million business records allows local authorities to measure risk in the supply chain in addition to identifying substantial opportunities for cost savings.

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Rental Exchange

Rental Exchange

Learn more about Rental Exchange - enabling social housing tenants to build credit history - in partnership with Big Issue Invest.

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