Helping the Public Sector to make better choices

The challenges faced by the public sector are diverse and ever increasing. The need to achieve more with less, increasing demand for personalised and improved services, concerns over public safety, education and skills gaps, health inequalities, and demographic change, are all areas that Experian can help support decisions.

Experian currently helps the public sector apply shared data and market leading insight to increase efficiencies and improve services.  Please browse our site to find sector specific services or contact us.

Central Government

Experian's market leading data and insight informs and empowers Central Government through the payment and collection of money and indirectly through the delivery and impact of specific policies on the UK population.

Local Government

Drawing on our unique economic, business and citizen data, we help Local Government to address it's challenges.  Experian provides insight to support strategic planning, through to the delivery of public services.


Experian partners with healthcare providers and commissioners to provide a deep understanding of people, place and community.


Experian can help Education strategies targeted to both increase skills and improve productivity. We can support you to identify, profile and understand learners, providers and employers, generating bespoke information and research. 

Police, fire and public safety

Experian works with partners across criminal justice, law enforcement, community safety, the emergency services and central government departments with a common agenda to protect and improve the safety of all UK citizens. 

Pharmaceuticals & Private Health

Experian works with pharmaceutical and private health companies as they increasingly partner with the public sector. Experian can help your organisation maximise profits, drive efficiencies and engage with customers and the market.

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