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Alongside the continued drive for academic excellence, schools, colleges, universities and training providers must deliver on the 4Es:

  • Engagement - reaching and attracting students and employers
  • Experience - in a consumer focussed environment delivering a positive student experience
  • Employability - demonstrating the value of investing in education for long term outcomes
  • Efficiency - delivering more with less through streamlined processes and improved targeting

Experian Education provides solutions to help education institutions deliver on the 4Es through insight, intelligent data and decisioning capability.


Reduce Fraud

We prevent and detect fraud and error through the intelligent use of data to check and authenticate individuals and their status.

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Student recruitment through insight

Our market leading insight tools can help you better understand who your students are, where they can be found and how best to engage with them.

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Widening participation and outreach

We provide contextual data at a high level of granularity, that integrates with your systems to inform your outreach and widening participation programmes.

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Engage with business and employers

Our comprehensive business databases and risk scoring intelligence provides you with knowledge to target and engage with employers.

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Generate Alumni income

Our market leading databases can help you generate returns from your alumni through data cleansing, insight, and income targeting.

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Increase collections

Typically, clients using our debt recovery suite have seen: 20% increase in recoveries, 70% productivity gain and 15% less bad debt.

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Improve data quality

From student and alumni data to procurement and business data we provide the software and data tools to capture, clean, and enhance your data.

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Deliver Intelligent procurement

Utilise our business data intelligence and our technology for monitoring and reporting credit and payment behaviour in real-time to identify opportunities for cost saving.

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