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Central Government services

Experian works with central government to ensure that policy and operational decisions are based on an accurate and insightful view of people, businesses, communities and places.

As well as incremental improvements, we support new approaches and faster ways to commission and deliver intelligent government.

Our unique ability to understand circumstances, locations, likely needs and preferences helps government make better decisions and deliver more with less.


Prevent Fraud & Error

Identity and fraud

We prevent and detect fraud and error through the intelligent use of data to check and authenticate individuals and their status.  We work with government to tackle benefit and tax fraud.

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Debt Management

We help government to streamline debt collections process  to improve debt recovery, reduce costs and protect the vulnerable by differentiating those who can pay, from those who can’t or won’t.

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Eligibility and Vetting

We work with government in the recruitment process by providing background checking for existing and potential employees. We also help them ensure the right people receive the appropriate services.

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Identity and channel shift

Our electronic Identity authentication tools work to verify, validate and authenticate identity in real-time. This helps government to establish identity and prevent fraud; and assess service eligibility.

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Economic Growth

Our strategic insight enables a complete understanding of economic and social challenges.  We can develop a sustainable strategy to help business growth and decrease worklessness.

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We provide lifestyle and behavioural data on 49 million UK adults and 5 million business records. We can help you to provide optimum choice and service to citizens, at lowest cost.

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