Web based access & prospect management tools

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Web based access & prospect management tools

Secure web based access to your addressable market allows sales and marketing teams greater flexibility in a number of areas:

Prospect management

Experian pH DataBox

The Experian pH DataBox product allows you to slice and dice your market, generating a clear understanding of the volume and type of opportunity available by channel, opportunity, geographic distribution

Experian pH Search

A web tool that lets you instantly access the most complete business database available. Helping you find and research your target audience, giving your business a true advantage.
Available in both standard and custom versions, pH Search can be developed specifically to meet your own business needs. It gives you the intelligence you need to increase your customer base.

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Creating campaign selections

You can filter according to relationship criteria and company characteristics, including marketability flags, and your own business rules, to create your own campaigns even taking into account previous marketing activity.  The data can then be accessed according to your requirements (e.g. simple download, injection into sales management software, etc).

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