Risk prediction

Risk prediction

Our large historical database includes all bankruptcies for many years.  Leveraging this we are able to reduce the risk to decision-makers through advanced analysis of the target data and of the patterns associated with past failures.

Past corporate behaviour is no guarantee of future outcomes – but it can be a very good indicator of major risk factors which may be unseen and unexpected in a customer or prospect segment.

Our sophisticated risk prediction techniques compare targets’ financial and other recorded characteristics over time, to deliver valuable indicators of their likely performance in future.


The Experian pH Financial Strength Score

The Experian pH Financial Strength Score analyses the financial robustness of companies based on particular balance sheet indicators.  We assign them a score, which helps you predict the potential for default amongst your target market.


Growth and turbulence analysis

We help you distinguish expanding clients from those which are contracting, or in flux.  Analysing the status of any organisation will help you assess and predict their needs for certain types of products and finance.  With time-series analysis you may be surprised which clients turn out to be your most prosperous.


Customised modelling

A number of non-financial additional factors, available on most businesses including small ones that don’t file accounts, are predictive of future failure.

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