Propensity & opportunity modelling

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Propensity & Opportunity Modelling

Systematic investigation and analysis of customer, prospect/market, distribution and behavioural data can uncover a wealth of actionable truths and insights.  Frequently, these enable companies to streamline their routes to market, identify new opportunities and minimise resources devoted to apparently attractive but ultimately unpromising targets and activities.  Our unique analytical methodologies and data assets enable you to see the potential within datasets, and deliver strong, qualified strategic information to decision-makers, to address a range of issues:


Prospect identification

Are the prospects you’ve identified really your best opportunities?  We can tell you which firms are likely to need which services, what their spend levels are likely to be and, given the cost of acquiring them, which segments are likely to yield the best net margins.  We can create an in-depth prospecting database segmented in a way that’s optimal for your sales force.


Channel management

Modelling the performance and coverage of sales teams against market potential to inform channel management strategy.  We can help you plan distribution networks, and allocate optimal resources to real market.


Geographic analysis

Knowing where market potential lies geographically will support you in determining not only the location of your next business operation, but the likelihood of its success.  We’ll help you analyse the value of branches, monitor regional channel performance and deploy sales teams to areas of maximum potential yield.


Sales force optimisation

Our reporting and modelling tools allow us to monitor the performance of your branches and individual sales people over time.  We’ll identify holes in your regional coverage, ensure equity in the distribution of high potential prospects, and undertake scenario modelling for resource relocation.

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