Our approach

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Our approach

Our approach is bespoke client to client, but our basic principles are to follow four key stages:



 In which the data sets are first made, resolving any issues within internal client data, matching that data to the external business universe dataset (The Experian pH Megafile) and creating the data platform that underpins all of the following stages



 Where the product or portfolio footprint is understood, profiles are constructed and opportunity models and segmentations developed



 The results of the setup and discovery activities often lead to sales and marketing activity, whether within the customer base (for breeding: up-selling and cross-selling) or outside (for hunting). In addition the results are used to optimise channel, salesforce and infrastructure strategy



 This stage benefits from feedback and tracking and allows the database to be updated and the implementation to evolve, learning from previous activity, so that over time a virtuous cycle is created


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