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MarketIQ for your business

Experian MarketIQ provides the broadest and deepest source of corporate, deal, company, financial and business information on a single, accessible and easy-to-use platform. It helps to keep you one step ahead and make the most of more opportunities.

Private Equity Firms

Experian MarketIQ is for any private equity firm looking to boost deal origination, improve portfolio management, identify deal opportunities before your competitors, or create opportunities for secondary funding or exit based on detailed up to date information.

Corporate Financiers

Experian MarketIQ is ideal for corporate finance practices and professionals involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) alowing you to target deals, monitor active buyers and key players, compare valuations and deeply analyse financial data and risk profiles.

Accountancy firms

Experian MarketIQ is for accountancy firms and professionals looking to make accurate and better informed business decisions. Whether monitoring market segments, identifying new prospective clients or improving the effectiveness of your due diligence, Experian MarketIQ can help you make the most of more opportunities.

Law firms

Experian MarketIQ helps law firms and legal professionals involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), allowing you to monitor active players, compare competitor activity, profile prospective clients and analyse in detail financial and risk profiles.

Business Development

Experian MarketIQ is the essential business market platform for businesses operating in dynamic or active markets. Identify opportunities before others with targeted business monitoring, track your competitors activity and use accurate data to enhance your marketing and sales campaigns.

Public Sector

Experian MarketIQ is for public sector bodies ranging from central and local government to social housing, healthcare, education, police and public safety organisations requiring direct access to comprehensive and high quality business and financial data.

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