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Targeted cross-channel customer acquisition

Acquiring new customers can be a hit or miss affair. Without successful research you could be wasting time, marketing resources and, by approaching customers not interested in your offering, undermining customer trust.

Targeting those prospects most likely to become customers is the key to efficient customer acquisition — and the depth and breadth of the information you access is critical to the precision of your aim.

Our data sources are extensive, calling on our own proprietary data surveys, edited Electoral Roll data, third party partner data and segmentation classifications that encompass our Mosaic UK, Financial Strategy Segments, Fashion Segments and TrueTouch solutions, allowing for an easier route to successfully acquiring profitable new customers.

Accurate cross-channel consumer behaviour analysis

Experian delivers vast database resources for timely insight into 49 million UK adults and 42.3 million prospectable consumers — to bring the breadth of data needed to reach the widest audience across all channels. The depth of consumer behaviour analysis needed to identify the prospects most likely to respond to your campaigns is delivered through our know-how of lifestyle and geo-demographic variables, including:

Demographic and household variables are refreshed every month, reflecting conditions in today’s fast-moving marketplace and allowing for accurate consumer segmentation. Combining Experian’s extensive cross-channel data and expertise with your information resources, you can identify your most profitable customer profiles and use them to specify prospective groups, refining messages across channels to ensure that you hit the target with ever-greater accuracy. This advanced method of segmenting consumers saves you time, money and builds brand reputation, whilst also delivering far greater ROI.

Experian places its expertise, technologies and experience at your disposal — from individual tools to entire platforms — to get you to the heart of new customers.

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