Consumer Segmentation

Digital and traditional channels are evolving at breath-taking speed and the race is on to understand you customers better than ever before.

If you don’t understand what motivates your customers, how can you identify their likes, the products that fit their income and life stage circumstances and ultimately meet their needs?

Experian Marketing Services demographic classifications bring you the insight you need to see your customers in rich detail. You understand a range of factors, including where they live, marital status, how they like to engage and their lifestyles, culture and behaviours.  We deliver the ability to target and improve the effectiveness of your campaigns, cut waste and costs and enjoy greater bottom line ROI.

Demographic segmentation

Experian's demographic segmentation tools help you understand what type of people your customers are, from their age, gender, marital status, to knowing where they live and how to communicate with them, through to their lifestyles and cultures.

  • Mosaic
    Enhance customer understanding with Experian’s Mosaic UK, Mosaic Scotland and Mosaic Global consumer classifications. Mosaic offers the depth and breadth of insight that identifies target audiences, how they live and how they spend their money across channels.

Behavioural segmentation

Experian's behavioural segmentation tools capture the behaviours, attitudes and purchasing habits of individuals to enable you to develop personalised customer engagment.

  • Financial Strategy Segments
    financial insight that optimises customer relationships by revealing a comprehensive view of individual and household financial behaviour.
  • GreenAware
    meet customers’ environmental expectations with the first detailed measure of carbon footprint and eco-attitudes for UK households.
  • TrueTouch
    understand where to find your customers across channels alongside their behavioural motivations and decision-making styles.
  • Fashion Segments
    classify the UK population based on fashion buying behaviour and understand individual customer types and the market as a whole.

Custom segmentation

Our extensive expertise, which adds up  to over 100 years of combined experience, brings clients across all industries the precisely tailored segmentation they need to harness data, generate actionable insight and maximise return on investment.

Find out how Experian brings you the detail you need to engage with your customers intelligently.

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