Cross-Channel Marketing Platform

Today’s customers are dynamic, empowered, and hyper-connected. They rely on a variety of devices, communication channels and 24-7 Web access to stay connected to their world at all times. As a result, they expect seamless and co-ordinated customer experiences from their favourite brands, that are both meaningful and relevant to their everyday lives. Organisations must now align their business around the customer by harnessing marketing systems that support end-to-end, co-ordinated and intelligent engagement across all channels.

Your customers see a brand — not a channel.

The Cross-Channel Marketing Platform was built from the ground up with the scale and flexibility to handle the speed and complexities of modern customer interactions. Supported by the industry’s highest-rated client services team, the Cross-Channel Marketing Platform enables marketers to efficiently plan, execute, optimise and manage cross-channel marketing programmes that deliver truly rewarding customer experiences.

  • Plan: map out sophisticated marketing programmes based on integrated customer profiles and Experian Marketing Services' deep consumer insight.
  • Manage: centrally manage real-time data and cross-channel campaign assets through an intuitive and graphical interface.
  • Execute:  deliver campaigns easily across multiple channels, or through one channel, directly from a single platform.
  • Optimise: trigger immediate responses, based on customer actions, to deliver highly optimised, real time one-to-one messages and offers.

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