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Meet the 'always on' consumer...

With consumers increasingly connecting with brands on the move across multiple devices, our new research has pinpointed four distinct types of consumer who are Always On and more digitally connected than ever before - Social Butterflies, Working Professionals, Gamers and Everything Tech. 

This research highlights how brands need to evolve their marketing strategies to engage customers based on their platform choices and preferences to deliver co-ordinated and consistent customer experiences regardless of channel.  Importantly, it also highlights that while they may all be super-connected, Always On consumers are distinct and different and so need to be engaged on an individual basis.

Hi, I’m a well-educated girl-about-town with a fab job and a pretty good salary. I’m always online keeping my friends up to date with my news and organising my super-busy life! Email, SMS, Facebook and Twitter are my work and social lifeline... without them, I’d feel cut-off from the world!

As a huge technology and gadget fan, I’m always online checking out the latest products, style trends or downloading tunes. I’m permanently connected and I love being the first among my friends to try new things whether it’s the hottest new bar or the latest gadget.

I’m doing pretty well working for a successful city firm. Every minute of the day counts, so whether I’m in the office, on the move or at home, I’m always connected – staying on top of emails, current affairs and investments. Time is money – if I’m offline for a single minute, I could miss the next big deal!

You could say I’m a stereotypical geek and am fanatical about gaming. I’m permanently online surfing the web, programming or updating my blog. I love challenging my mates to a few hours of adrenalin-fuelled battles. We even link up online to play against other gamers – it’s totally awesome!

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