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Suppression and Validation

Contacting customers or prospects who have moved away or died is both inappropriate and wasteful. To not remove goneaway customers damages your brand, wastes marketing resource, and causes distress to the people you want to upset least – those who buy your product or services.

Experian provides detailed and accurate suppression data to avoid the customer, legal, financial and brand implications of mailing deceased and goneaway contacts.

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  • Comply with industry guidelines – remove deceased customers from your mailing
  • Avoid wasting valuable budget by targeting individuals who can no longer respond
  • Protect your brand from the harm caused by mis-directed communications
  • Consider the environment by reducing print volumes

What we do

Experian is able to provide access to both proprietary and partner suppression data files. Experian data is unique in its build and consists of:

  • Absolute Movers – our leading movers and goneaways product
  • Absolute Contacts – our ‘re-connection’ offering ensuring you are able to track movers to new addresses
  • Experian Mortality Suppression File – providing access to accurate and current deceased data
  • Experian Intact – Experian's online data cleansing service

Why Experian

  • Absolute Movers – holds around 60 million records, offering the greatest depth in the market. Rebuilt monthly to ensure new updates are made available to clients as fast as possible
  • Records are fully validated to ensure only genuine goneaways are identified
  • Experian suppression products contain sources unique to Experian and are often the earliest to identify a change in circumstances
  • Absolute Contacts can provide forwarding addresses for around 40% of identified goneaways. Studies show that lapsed customers are 4 times more likely to respond to a mailing than consumers with no previous relationship
  • Complete data coverage – Experian’s own files and our access to reputable 3rd party files means we can provide maximum coverage of suppression data

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