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Gain a deeper understanding of your customers.

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Do you want a detailed understanding of what your customers look like - from newspaper readership to where they like to go on holiday? Would you like the ability to be able to find new prospects that look the same?

Experian provides customer analysis and profiling capabilities to fit your requirements. Undertake customer analysis, and identify prospects who look just like your best customers.


  • Understand more about your customers and confidently target your ideal prospects
  • Improve marketing performance by contacting the most relevant audience
  • Increase customer lifetime value by understanding what your best customers look like

What we do

Using proven analytical tools and expertise, we can offer you a range of profiling capabilities:

  • Single dimensional customer profiling
  • Two dimension customer profiles, e.g. comparing responders v's buyers

How we do it

ModelIQ from Experian combines the wealth of data we hold within ConsumerView with the analytical expertise to give you powerful insight into the true profile of your customers and prospects. We can find prospects who look exactly like your best and most responsive customers.

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