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Lifestyle Data

Would you like to access the lifestyle data of prospects who are most likely to become customers?

The Experian ConsumerView database, combined with market-leading data models and segmentation variables, increase campaign effectiveness and ROI through improved targeting.


  • Gain greater customer understanding
  • Improve campaign effectiveness
  • Maximise campaign ROI

What we do

ConsumerView can be used with Experian’s market-leading data models and customer segmentation variables, enabling marketers to refine their selections according to key lifestyle factors.

Experian’s expertise is demonstrated by the strength of its market-leading and specialist classification tools, including:

How we do it

By overlaying sophisticated lifestyle models with variables such as fashion preference and financial behaviour we can identify common characteristics of your best customers.

Why Experian

As data and marketing experts, we can help you enhance the quality of your customer and prospect data. We can also help you leverage its full potential with our marketing campaign tools and systems.

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