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Identity and fraud solutions for public sector

Your community counts on its public sector organisations to protect citizens purses from the threat of public sector fraud, error and the misuse of public funds. We understand the importance for central and local organisations alike to create a strong strategy that provides end to end protection from eligibility checking to application processing to debt collection.

Experian offers an extensive range of identity verification, fraud prevention and payment validation solutions that allow you to quickly and efficiently offer the right services and benefits to the right people.



Social Housing
         Tenancy Verification

Social Housing Tenancy Verification

Getting citizens the housing they need

What it does: Helps identify potential social housing tenancy fraud

Used by: Local authorities and housing associations responsible for managing and providing social housing

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         checking with Bank Wizard Absolute

Payments checking with Bank Wizard Absolute

Make the link between your customer and their bank account

What is does: Ensures you are sending payments to the correct beneficiary

Used by: Organisations that make payments and initiate Direct Debits to individuals or businesses

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Single Person
         Discount Verification

Single Person Discount Verification

Helping you give discounts to eligible citizens

What is does: Enables you to verify discount claims for council tax

Used by: Local authorities looking for an easy and efficient way to confidently provide council tax discounts to citizens

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Empty Property

Empty Property Reviews

Ensure you have up to date hosuing records

What is does: Checks empty property records to see if it looks like somebody is living there

Used by: Local authorities looking to update their housing records

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Parking Permits

Shifting parking permit applications online

What it does: Provides a service for customers to apply for parking permits online at their convenience

Used by: Local councils looking to establish citizens identities in real time

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