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Our Identity and Fraud products and services are designed to meet your organisations specific needs. We offer industry solutions to help you manage risk and prevent fraud, improve customer acquisition and retention, increase operational efficiency and meet your compliance and best practice obligations

Financial Services

Experian works closely with the financial services industry to deliver comprehensive decision support solutions.

This can help you prevent and detect fraud, comply with regulatory requirements, improve business processes, reduce cost and build more successful, profitable client relationships.


As a heavily regulated industry, gaming both online and offline must adhere to legislation, follow strict guidelines and demonstrate responsibility to both their customers and the wider community.

Our solutions will give you confidence that your customers are who they say they are and will validate information such as age and bank account information.


Fraud prevention is key to maintaining your margins, our solutions are designed to improve your knowledge of your customer and the likelihood of them committing fraud.

Our extensive range of solutions includes data sharing specific to the insurance industry.

Public Sector

Meeting targets for operational efficiency must be balanced with robust procedures for preventing fraud.

Our solutions deliver superior fraud detection and remove manual processes to cut losses and reduce overheads.

Retail Banking

You need to be confident that your customer is who they say they are as well as monitoring the fraud risk they present at both point of application and later into your long term relationship with them. 

Our solutions are designed to work with you to prevent fraud and application as well as ‘sleeper’ or ‘bust out’ fraud.


Obtaining and checking identity documents and assessing the risk of fraud is time consuming, error prone and can be an inconvenience that stops your customer from buying.

Our solutions are designed to help you sign-up customers quickly and efficiently while being sure of identity, avoiding fraud and having confidence in bank account data.


Knowing your customer is who they say they are and that the payment details they have given are correct and belong to them, protects your margins.

Our solutions are designed to give you the assurance you need at point of sign-up , while your customer is still present.


Knowing who your customers are as well as their status in relation to the property they occupy is vital to ensuring you receive payment for services supplied.

Our solutions for the utility sector are focussed on helping you to establish identity and detect and prevent fraud.

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