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Banking Moving Forward

An exploration of changes, challenges and opportunities facing the Banking and Financial Services industry over the next 3 to 5 years.

Banking Moving Forward

Joe's story for Banking

We can help with the challenges across the customer lifecycle:

We illustrate a typical customer journey, what that means for your business and how we can support you every step of the way:

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Banking and Financial Services Solutions

Challenging market conditions and increased regulatory pressure make it even more important for lenders to make the right decisions – from acquisition and customer management right through to collections. Experian is already working with leading organisations in financial services to help ensure that they can seize growth opportunities as they happen, while minimising risk, bad debt and be seen as a responsible lender.

Increase low-risk lending

  • Identify profitable new business
  • Accurately assess affordability
  • Optimise credit application processing

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Effective portfolio management

  • Manage the risks and opportunities in your ledger
  • Get a single view of multiple ledgers
  • Target customers with the right rates and products

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Refine your collections strategy

  • Re-prioritise who you chase first
  • Improve customer contact rates
  • Maximise consumer and commercial debt recovery

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Improve Id & fraud detection

  • Detect fraudulent applications
  • Get instant identity verification
  • Screen new employees
  • Monitor account and payment patters

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