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Retail economics: Retail and consumer-related products and capabilities

Using Experian's knowledge of consumer markets, spending and retail sales at a national, regional and city level, we can help you to understand, evaluate and benchmark retail investment opportunities and performance across European markets. We use a combination of economic forecasts, socio-demographic information and consumer survey data to produce the most informed retail forecasts available.

In the UK, Experian is uniquely placed to understand consumers through its Mosaic classification system. We have combined this with our UK economic forecasts to provide analysis of how different consumer types are affected by future economic scenarios.

Mosaic Economics

Mosaic Economics combines Experian's expertise in economic forecasting and socio-demographic analysis to help you understand the impact of the future economic environment on your customers.

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European consumer spending

Experian’s detailed European consumer spending forecasts allow you to evaluate consumer market prospects and opportunities at a national, regional and local level.

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UK retail outlook

The UK retail outlook keeps you up to date with the latest developments in the retail market place, ensuring that you can act on the most current retail data and understand its implications on the short and medium term consumer outlook.

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