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Understand the impact of the future economic environment on your customers

Mosaic Economics combines Experian's expertise in economic forecasting and socio-demographic analysis to help you understand the impact of the future economic environment on your customers.

Experian’s geo-demographic household segmentation helps clients understand its customers and prospects by providing a comprehensive portrait of individuals and their behaviour. Segmentation provides insight on a person or household’s net worth, equity, investments, indebtedness, credit risk, attitudes and preferred transactional channel. 

Experian’s Household Economics links Experian’s UK economic outlook and local area forecasts with our geo-demographic household segmentation systems to provide forecasts for household segments allowing for a variation in economic conditions across local areas & variations in responses to change in economic conditions. By linking Experian’s forecasts of consumer classifications to Experian’s local area forecasts this ensures our models  are sensitive to the characteristics of local markets in terms of the industrial mix, demand and changes in local economic conditions on each segment. This enables clients to quantify over the next cycle which households and segments are vulnerable in terms of the impact of the current economic outlook on their ability to service their debts, spending and demand.

Key questions addressed:

  • What are the implications of the economy on households in terms of disposable income, employment risk, wealth and confidence?
  • Which of your consumer types will suffer most in an economic downturn & therefore have the highest probability of default?
  • How will the economic downturn impact the ability of households to service debt?
  • Who can afford to be pay now?
  • Which households will be the disposable income winners & losers under various economic scenarios?   
  • Who should we target for acquisitions over the next cycle?
  • Identify distressed households: who will they be? where will they be? when will they be fully impacted?


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