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The Foresight regional construction forecasts are published twice yearly for all twelve UK regions.

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Foresight factsheet

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Foresight complements Construction Forecasts and ensures that you make the best use of your resources across geographical areas and sectors.

Every Foresight report contains a short macroeconomic summary forecast that is made for each government office region, followed by commentary and analysis of the forecasts made for construction and the assumptions underlying them.

Forecasts of construction new output in current prices are made in each region for public housing, private housing, infrastructure, public non-residential building, private industrial building, private commercial building repair and maintenance

They can be purchased either as one-off reports or in various combinations as an annual subscription.

"Not surprisingly given our strengthening national forecasts, prospects for the regions and devolved nations have also generally improved a little from our winter/spring forecasts. While Greater London leads the rankings for the 2014-16 period, growth is by no means greater south-east centric, with the South East and East of England managing only 8th and 9th places respectively.

Construction in Greater London is expected to benefit from very strong demand for housing, both public and private, despite recent indications that house prices in the capital are stabilising, and good growth in the commercial construction sector. The South West’s 2nd place in the growth rankings is based largely on the expectation that main civil engineering work on the new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point C will begin in early 2015. If the project is delayed further, then the South West’s projected growth rate would fall substantially."

"The West Midlands continues to suffer from a dearth of major projects, although at least the prospects for the next two years are for growth, rather than the decline predicted in the previous edition of the report."

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