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Credit risk management - Acquire the right customers


Household Mosaic Economics together with Experian’s Mosaic, can be used as a tool in assessing the likelihood of that household falling into long term unemployment and the outlook on their future income growth or decline.

Experian’s Household Economics breaks down the UK households into 60+ segmentation groups, which provides forecasts of their income, expenditure by 43 categories and the risk probability of falling into long term unemployment. As Experian’s Household Mosaic economics looks at households at postcode level taking into account of their socio-demographic characteristics, this would help energy companies assess the new acquisition’s longer-term performance before taking them onboard.


Credit Risk ManagementWhen targeting new SME or I&C customers, Experian’s detailed economic outlook by industry sector and by location will offer invaluable insight into assessing the future performance. Experian has been providing economic forecasts for 58 sectors at national level right down to the local authorities for more than 20 years.

Experian can provide selected industry sector outlook by location, bringing a greater insight, helping utilities understand better their potential customers. Such analysis can be used in setting up new credit policies, helping you assess the performance of the industry sector as a whole for targeting new sales.

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Forecasting credit scores

Taking such economic insights on households, sector performance at local area level, Experian are able to incorporate these into credit analysis to produce a 'Future' credit score. This approach acknowledges and exploits the variation in economic conditions facing different groups of borrowers, so greatly expanding the information available.

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