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About Experian's economics group

Experian’s economics group has 40+ economists and consultants who specialise in global macroeconomic, regional and local area forecasting. With more than 20 years’ experience in economic forecasting, we are consistently ranked above our peers in terms of forecasting accuracy in the Sunday Times poll in recent years.

We provide a suite of subscription products, bespoke consulting services and seminars for clients across a broad range of sectors in a growing number of countries. Our core expertise extends to a number of key sectors, including retail, property, financial services and public sector.

Key members of the group

Dr William Thomson - Director of Economics
William is responsible for directing the economics business at Experian. He plays the leading role in developing and maintaining the existing suite of macro, regional and local area forecast products and services. He acts as Experian’s chief economist as well as the director of forecasting. William has worked for many years to help some of the world’s leading private sector organisations understand how economic change will impact on their business portfolios. William joined Experian from IHS Global Insight, where he was Managing Director of European Economics. Prior to that, he was Vice-President of European Fixed Income Research at Merrill Lynch. He has worked for a number of years in the economic forecasting industry, and also in the public sector at the Department of Trade and Industry and in the risk-management division of the UK Export Credit Agency (ECGD). He holds economics degrees from the Universities of Essex in the UK and Connecticut in the USA.

Sunita Bali
Sunita draws on 16 years of experience as an international economist. At Experian she sets the company’s view of the UK and global economies and consumers, helping market leaders in financial services, retail and energy plan for uncertain business and economic environments. She is responsible for setting the company’s view of the UK and global economies and consumers, helping market leaders in financial services, retail and energy plan for uncertain business and economic environments. Sunita regularly presents to clients and general audiences and has appeared in print and on television. Prior to joining Experian in July 2008, Sunita was a Treasury Strategist at Rabobank, where she took a lead in forecasting developments on global foreign exchange and money markets. She started her career at IHS Global Insight, where she held various roles related to modelling and forecasting global macro, industries and energy markets. She holds an honours degree in Accounting, Finance and Economics from the University of Essex and an MSc from the University of London.

Stephen Adams - Senior Macroeconomist
Stephen is a core member of our macroeconomics team and joined in January 2007 as a graduate from UCL and has since assumed roles of increasing responsibility. He is currently responsible for the day-to-day running of the Regional Planning service and now is also part of the team running the core macro-economic model in NiGEM. He was a key contributor to the development work on the team’s national and regional economic models and remains involved in regular updates and improvements to the model methodology. Stephen is also responsible for a range of products with a focus on the housing side of the economy, and contributes to both quantitative and written analysis on a wide range of bespoke projects for private and public sector clients.

Peter Gutmann - Consultant
The longest-serving member of the team, Peter is a valued contributor to Experian’s full range of economic products and services. In recent years he has taken a major role in Experian’s retail- and credit-related services, using his experience to help clients navigate first the recession and now the recovery. Peter joined Experian at the end of 1999, having spent many years in NatWest’s Market Intelligence Department where he was Deputy Head of the Economics Group. At NatWest he had day-to-day responsibility for the output of forecasts for the global and UK economies; interest and exchange rates; and financial market trends. Peter has been a regular contributor to banking and financial journals, based on his comprehensive knowledge of financial market trends and country and industry sector analysis.

Mohammed Chaudhri - Managing Economist
Mohammed is the newest member of the UK macro forecasting team.  Mohammed has a key role in producing Experian’s monthly macro forecast and the quarterly Consumer Credit Report. He takes a lead in running economic stress scenarios most recently focusing on the impact of a rise in interest rates. Before joining Experian Mohammed began his career as an economist at Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT). During his time at the HMT Mohammed played a central role in supporting the work of the Treasury representative on the Monetary Policy Committee and was part of the four person team which conducted a review of the UK’s monetary policy framework alongside Budget 2013. He later moved to the Financial Stability Directorate, where he led on briefing the Treasury’s member of the Financial Policy Committee on macro stress testing and macroprudential tools aimed at the housing market.

Dr Eric McVittie - Research Director
Eric has extensive experience of regional and local economic modelling and forecasting, gained over 20 years of academic and commercial research. At Experian, he directs the development of regional forecasting models and provides leadership on Experian’s various regional and local forecasting services. He also provides technical direction on a broad range of research projects, which apply advanced economic modelling and forecasting techniques to provide insight into issues facing leading businesses and policy institutions. Before joining Experian in 2006, Eric was Head of Economics at the University of Plymouth. He holds a Doctorate in Economics from the University of Strathclyde, a leading centre for regional modelling in the UK, and has published on regional modelling and policy in leading UK and international academic journals.

Sadia Sheikh - Head of Regional Economics
Sadia is responsible for Experian Economics’ regional forecasting product suite and oversees the production of all products relating to UK and European regions and cities. She is responsible for product innovation and the application of economic methods to business solutions. She has considerable experience in commercial and residential real estate markets and works closely with real estate clients across Europe and the UK. Sadia has also held overall responsibility for projects involving the application of econometric modelling techniques and other quantitative methods to understand regional and local economic development for public sector clients across the UK. She regularly fronts Experian economics’ key services to internal and external stakeholders and has also often been quoted in print and recorded media, including the Financial Times. Sadia joined Experian in 2008 from Cambridge Econometrics, where she fulfilled a similar role. Sadia holds a Master’s degree in in Economics from the University of Oxford.

Rebecca Snow- Managing Economist
Rebecca has been a key member of the European regional forecasting team since 2001. She plays a leading role in all of the team’s core products and services. In her current role she provides invaluable thought leadership and also oversees the team’s analyses of key cities across Europe. In addition, Rebecca contributes to Experian’s macroeconomic forecasting services, taking a lead on national-level developments in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Croatia and Turkey. Rebecca joined Experian after gaining a first class honours degree in Economics at Kingston University.

Nowres Mohatam - Economist
Nowres has been a member of Experian Economics’ UK team since 2008 when she joined the team as a placement student. She excelled in that role and, upon completing her degree, was offered a permanent role as an economist. 
Nowres is currently responsible for the day-to-day running of the Regional Planning service. She is also responsible for organising timely data updates ahead of the scheduled forecasting process and for producing high-quality final delivery outputs.
Nowres is also responsible for running the Inflation forecast on monthly basis and producing written analysis on retail sales for our private and public sector clients. She is also responsible for producing regular client deliverables and also liaises with clients on queries and data requests.

Thomas Crowdy - Economist
Thomas is the newest member of the European regional forecasting team. He takes a lead on national-level developments in Greece, Portugal and the Czech Republic. Thomas also has a central role in producing Experian’s European regional forecast and the global cities publication. Before joining Experian, Thomas worked as an economist and assistant editor at Consensus Economics. He graduated with a first class honours degree in Economics at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Tim Lyne - Head of Economic Consultancy
Tim heads Experian’s Economic Consultancy team and specialises in managing and directing projects that provide bespoke forecasting and economic analysis for a range of public and private sector clients. His knowledge spans the areas of economic and demographic forecasting; econometric and impact modelling; and economic analysis. He has led a number of major consultancy projects with recent examples including updating the Department for Community and Local Government household projections, providing guidance and economic scenarios to local authorities for their local plans and providing a range of forecasts and advice to water companies. Prior to joining Experian in 2003, Tim worked in economic regeneration for a local authority in London. Tim graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2000 where he obtained a BA (hons) in Economics.

Tzu-Hao Liao - Senior Consultant
Tzu-hao is a senior economist in our consultancy team. He has spent the past five years at Experian leading many consultancy projects for public and utilities clients, He has extensive experience in modelling regional and local datasets and working with key local and regional government bodies, which include Scottish Executive, regional development agencies, LEPs, and local authorities.   He has taken a lead role in high-profile projects such as 2012 household projection on behalf of DCLG and forecasting water demand for a number of water companies for their submissions to the Environment Agency and the water regulator (OFWAT). Tzu-hao holds a MSc. Degree in Development Economics from University of London.

Sunil Joshi - Managing Economist
Sunil is an econometrician with seven years of experience of macroeconomic modelling. During his time at Experian, he has redesigned and redeveloped the Experian Economics Group’s proprietary UK forecasting models. He has also lead bespoke modelling work for a range of clients in real estate, financial services and the public sector. His expertise has been used for internal and external projects. He has delivered the capability to produce stochastic (uncertainty) forecasts.
Previously, Sunil was responsible for implementing UK and Regional forecasts at Cambridge Econometrics where he also contributed to the development and maintenance of in house models. While at Cambridge Econometrics, Sunil worked on econometric consultancy projects for various clients and also delivered econometric training to government and private sector economists in the UK and abroad.

James Hastings - Head of UK Construction Forecasting
James has specialised in research and analysis of the construction industry for the past 18 years, both at the National Economic Development Office and as a founder member of Construction Forecasting and Research. He is now head of construction futures at Experian’s Business Strategies Division and currently sits on the DTI’s Consultative Committee on Construction Industry Statistics. James is also the UK representative of the Euroconstruct consortium.

Sonya Patel
Sonya previously worked as an economist with the Government Economic Service before joining Experian at the end of 2011. She currently leads on a number of projects and surveys that are carried out by the team including the Monthly Contractor’s Survey as part of the European Commission’s Business Surveys. As well as contributing towards the production of construction forecasts, Sonya also regularly produces written pieces for various publications.

Nirav Panchal
Nirav is the newest member of the Construction team. A significant part of his role involves providing bespoke commentary within construction futures. Nirav previous worked as an analyst for Nexus Capital and holds an honours degree in Economics from Brunel University.

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