PowerCurve OnDemand

Helping you to make better decisions when you take on new customers

PowerCurve On Demand makes it easy for you to find and take on new customers

Companies that offer credit to people are working in a complex market. Increased regulation is combined with easy access to price comparison which increases competition, resulting in price sensitivity and reduced margins. Your customers expect fast and easy access to products and services with decisions about their applications made quickly.

How does PowerCurve OnDemand help?

PowerCurve OnDemand works in real-time across both online and more traditional channels. It helps you to offer customers the most appropriate products as quickly as possible. PowerCurve OnDemand brings together your data with our extensive data sets, and applies automated decisioning. This gives you the intelligence needed to help you to make decisions that are right for your customers and your business.

PowerCurve OnDemand is our automated credit decisioning solution that supports your customer originations process. It is a pre-configured, easy to use tool that combines data and decisioning to increase efficiency and improve customer insight. A quick and easy to use Software as a Service solution, with affordable setup costs, PowerCurve OnDemand is secure and scaleable. Installation and upgrades are managed by us to give you peace of mind and reduce reliance on stretched internal IT resources.

PowerCurve OnDemand helps you to understand your customers better so that you can:

  • Understand what they can afford
  • Have better insight into the most appropriate products for them
  • Manage risk from fraud and identity theft

Is PowerCurve OnDemand right for you?

PowerCurve OnDemand is for you if you don’t currently automate your originations process, or are new to the consumer credit market. It automates the credit decision process to help you to: make better decisions, improve efficiency and deliver superior customer experience.

If you need support in streamlining your applications process and need to make sure that you are making the best decisions about applications for credit, PowerCurve OnDemand can help. When you need help in bringing new products to market quickly but don't have the tools to support your originations process, PowerCurve OnDemand can be set up quickly and with low up-front investment. If you are a growing business that has struggled to find a system that suits you and helps automate the applications process and support decision making, PowerCurve OnDemand is designed with you in mind.

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