PowerCurve Collections

Putting the customer at the heart of collections management

Every contact with a customer is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship. Even when it comes to debt collection. PowerCurve® Collections unlocks the power of data and analytics, helping you and your customers achieve more.

How it works

PowerCurve Collections unlocks the power of data and analytics to create personalised and fair collections processes. It uses data from a range of sources to create an accurate view of the customer. It applies analytics and models to help determine the most appropriate contact time and channel executed using an integrated decision engine. With a modern user interface, software users can design and execute a strategy that is compliant and efficient.

Key benefits

  • Increase recoveries through relevant, targeted collections actions
  • Reduce costs through improved automation of decisions and the use of best practise collection techniques
  • Maximise profit by increasing the recovery of cash collected using efficient, automated strategies and actions
  • Maintain compliance with consistent and appropriate interactions with customers
  • Increase customer retention delivering higher quality interactions through enhanced customer insight and analytically-driven collections actions
  • Enhance customer experience and engagement with a convenient discreet way for customers to manage debt
  • Protect your brand managing collections engagements in a personalised, fair and effective way

Case study - npower

npower“Credit management in energy, particularly from a domestic point of view, is very different from credit management across other financial services, and acquisition options are more limited. It’s much more about agreeing the most appropriate products and terms for the customer to ensure they can manage consumption and not get into arrears.”

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