CreditExpert helped me get my mortgage

"By matching me to a lender based on my personal financial situation. Since joining the service I am definitely in more control of my whole financial situation."

joined Experian CreditExpert to help her get herself a mortgage

I'd spent so long being refused credit

"I spiraled out of control with my finances 10 years ago, and encountered a CCJ, which has since been cleared and I am now nearly debt free. I'd spent so long being refused credit and being out of control with my finances that actually seeing it improve over time was emotional as I know I'm now closer to owning my own home because of that."

joined because she had been refused credit

CreditExpert helped me improve my finances

"By making me more aware of what lenders consider when making lending decisions. I am now more conscious about what I am doing with my money and available credit, and how I can better utilise what’s available to me."

joined to help her improve her finances

CreditExpert helped me out of a financial rut

"It’s a very visual and proactive way of looking and understanding my credit score, knowing the positive things I can do to help my credit scoring. I can access my personal information that shapes your future."

joined Experian CreditExpert to help sort out her finances

CreditExpert sends me alerts when there have been changes to my Experian Credit Report

"I like to see exactly what's happening with my finances and ensure there's not been any fraudulent activity on my account. The important thing for me is monitoring my Experian Credit Score and maintaining a good rating as I am looking to get a mortgage."

joined to get alerts for changes to his credit report

Get your FREE Experian Credit Report & Score

Experian CreditExpert provides more than just your report, including:

  • Access to your Experian Credit Score
  • Personalised tips on how to improve your score
  • See positive and negative factors affecting your credit score
  • Dedicated, specialist help if you’re a victim of fraud
  • Be alerted to certain credit report changes which could indicate potential fraudulent activity
  • Help and guidance from our UK based call centre team