What is the Experian Credit Report?

It details your personal credit history, including mortgages, credit cards, mobile phone contracts and more. Your report contains information that helps lenders to decide whether or not to accept your application.

Credit Report

Details about the good and bad in your credit history

Lenders see this

Credit Score

An indication of how likely you are to get credit

Only you see this

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Why is it important to check your credit report?

When you apply for financial products, lenders will normally check your credit report and use the information, along with their own policies and information on your application, to assess whether you are likely to repay what you owe on time. This helps them decide whether to offer you the product and which terms to set, such as interest rates.

Other people may check your credit history too. Prospective landlords and employers may see elements of your report, so it can also affect your chances of renting a home and getting a job. Your report is also a helpful tool for you to use to keep track of your accounts in one place and watch out for fraudulent activity.

Shall we text you, or email you?

Experian CreditExpert puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to check that your report is accurate and reflects your current circumstances.

Receive alerts by text message or email when there are certain changes to your Experian Credit Report or if we find your personal details anywhere online. Monitoring your credit report is one of the best forms of protection against identity fraud allowing you to see potential anomalies.

More than just a Credit Report

Experian CreditExpert provides more than just your report, including:

  • Access to your Experian Credit Score
  • Personalised tips on how to improve your score
  • Web monitoring alerts to tell you if we find your details online
  • Dedicated, specialist help if you’re a victim of fraud
  • Help and guidance from our UK based call centre team
  • Be alerted to certain credit report changes which could indicate potential fraudulent activity