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Retain and grow profitable customers

Your business database is an extremely valuable resource, but how well do you know your customers? Since new business can be expensive to win, businesses must look to their existing portfolio as a source of profitability and growth, and work harder to appeal to increasingly less brand loyal customers.

By getting to know your customers’ full potential value, now and in the future, you can spot opportunities earlier, helping you build more long-term, profitable relationships by knowing who is prime for additional credit, and how much to increase their limit by.

  • Understand individual customer profiles and match the most suitable products to their needs
  • Proactively manage cross sell and upsell opportunities and achieve greater accuracy with your campaigns
  • Identify new areas of opportunity by profiling your best customers
  • Our scorecards and systems enable robust decision making with the flexibility to quickly and easily implement new models and strategies.
  • We support Champion and Challenger live and Challenger live testing, allowing you to test new strategies before implementation.
  • Experian have the greatest breadth, depth and relevancy of data to give you the best customer insights and more profitable decisions.
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